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Vanessa Michel



Ceo & Founder

Vanessa is a professional paranormal investigator in France. Paranormal Investigator by night, Director, Podcaster, Event Manager by day.

She runs a ghost hunt event company in France named Les Nuits Ghost Hunt since 2014.

She directed a show called Haunted France, produced by Vidispace which aired on Amazon Prime Videos.

She produces and hosts the paranormal podcast Who You Gonna Call ?

She is a TV host for a paranormal TV show in France called Enquêtes Paranormales.

She recently wrote an essay for the book Feminine Macabre vol.III

Vanessa has a real passion for the paranormal and her life goal is to make this field accessible for everyone. She wants the people to be able to meet each other and share their experience in a safe environment where no one will judge them.

Graduated in Communication and Tourism, she used to work as a travel agent, a PR and a customer manager. In 2021 she decided to mix her skills to her passion. Her forever dream was to have her own travel company, so what about a travel agency offering paranormal tours ? This is how Les Voyages Extraordinaires was born.

The concept of Les Voyages Extraordinaires is very supported in France for being unique and audacious.

Vanessa is the founder and CEO of the travel company. She is also organizing and supervizing all the tours .

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Thomas Cierco



Business Strategy

Thomas is the founder and CEO of Supernova, an agency dedicated to the brand experience and the business performance.

Supernova challenges companies to deliver better services to their customers whatever their sector (Automotive, Press, Ecommerce, Aeronautic, Food, Banks, Stock exchange, ...)

Thomas is also the co-founder and CEO of Saverr, a fresh innovative company for saving money by using the cryptocurrencies technology (coming soon on the french market).

Fascinated by the paranormal and parapsychology, Thomas has met Vanessa on an investigation.

Thomas is bringing his digital entrepreneur experience to Les Voyages Extraordinaires to create unforgetable experiences and souvenirs.

On an other part he is advising on the strategy to make Les voyages Extraordinaire a success company that will spread a new way of traveling around the world.

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